Packaging Solutions

Breeze represents many years of innovative, effective and contemporary packaging design for mobile, MVNO and SIM-only businesses. We have an in-depth understanding of the commercial drivers that make your new branded mobile and SIM card packaging a success: from protection to promotion to top-class environmental credentials.

At Breeze, we offer comprehensive creative and technical packaging expertise geared specifically to the mobile industry: we invest significant time and energy to attain the correct mix of look, function and practicality so that all of our packaging meets the demands of distribution as well as those of a competitive retail marketplace.

Uniquely successful packaging

Our packaging design and engineering team advise on anything from construction method to cost, optimisation and sustainability.  We use a consultative and collaborative approach giving you ample opportunity for input resulting in high quality bespoke packaging solutions that delivers against all of your commercial criteria.

Our highly creative and trend-aware graphic design service and state-of-the-art print capabilities ensure a fresh, brand-enhancing printed packaging design that meets your marketing requirements, is inline with your corporate image, and that easily rolls out to promotional and POS (point-of-sale) materials, maximising customer engagement.

Click here for examples of our SIM card packaging options.

Uniquely superior performance

The Breeze team have a broad technical knowledge of packaging materials performance, tamper-proofing and security, innovative use of mechanicals and space-saving construction.  This expertise comes from first-hand experience running a large, fast and complex logistics operation, not just ad hoc testing and simulation.

We employ rigorous sampling and prototyping disciplines and assess all our packaging solutions in respect of their environmental impact, guaranteeing optimal use of raw materials, safe inks containing no solvents, no polluted water or toxic gases and all waste material recycled back into the paper industry.

We  deliver on time, on brand and on budget.  Get in touch for MVNO case study examples of what we can do for you.

Our sister brand, PakThat Mobile, offers an unrivalled range of stock packaging products for mobiles / cellphones, smartphones and mobile phone accessories plus SIM-only packaging solutions.

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