Mobile Crowd Testing

Behind the scenes at Breeze, we have assembled a community of mobile device users who are available at short notice for a range of usability and acceptance testing assignments.

Crowd testing, albeit still relatively new, is one of the most effective ways to ensure your personalised SIMs, custom-configured handsets or especially your branded apps (mobile applications) deliver the quality of user experience that you are promising.

Breeze for Mobile crowd testing can support you in achieving business imperatives such as minimising costs or reducing time to market. Draw on the experience of our team to help reduce the risk of a failure that isn’t identified until you are ‘live’ in the marketplace, a situation with potentially huge ramifications.

A crowd to give you control

No device, SIM or app is ever 100% tested OK; the best automated testing software or QA professional will not be able to replicate every quirk of human nature…

At Breeze, our virtual test teams (created on demand to suit your individual requirements) cover a breadth of demographics and differing levels of mobile adoption. We can access a broad range of handset makes and models in order to create a range of test scenarios that are not financially sustainable with just an in-house testing strategy.

Breeze for Mobile crowd testing offers three-dimensional feedback, giving you an early insight into customer reactions and as well as simply ironing out bugs.

Promises delivered

Once you have made the decision to offer a branded mobile service, it’s all about delivery.

It is more important than ever to consider how your brand will communicate via a mobile channel.  A good branded app can deliver a faster, more controlled and more rewarding user experience, but an ill-thought or poorly executed app can be devastating for brand perception and customer loyalty.

Engage with Breeze to provide a complete outsourced MVNO supply chain as well as crowd testing services and benefit from unique ‘helicopter view’ feedback of your brand.

Inconsistencies in your branded delivery across the complete customer experience (from sale, through fulfilment and onwards to app use) can be easily identified and remedied, something other standalone mobile testing operations cannot provide.

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