Data Management

Data integrity is of paramount importance. As one of the first, and now most experienced, MVNO SIM and smart card fulfilment specialists, our data management capabilities are second-to-none.  At Breeze, our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that this crucial stage in your mobile network supply chain is handled with care and precision.

In-house personalisation of cards requires a significant investment in technology, equipment and highly skilled machine operators, which makes outsourcing a very compelling option.  Our higher throughput volumes allow us to support ongoing improvement and development, ensuring the highest performance levels at all times.

Process excellence

At Breeze, we are experts at ensuring that data is managed with maximum efficiency and absolute accuracy and supported by extensive, proven methods of security.  We are able to handle batches of all sizes, processing both small and large volumes at speed, with no degradation of quality.

Our ability to manipulate and edit data files produced during SIM card personalisation allows us to effectively manage labelling, barcoding, batch identification, e-payment top-up card pairing and distribution consignment identification during your MVNO SIM card fulfilment project.

We are a member of GS1 UK, operating to their globally accepted standards and actively seeking to improve our effectiveness with regular ongoing training.

Added-value marketing potential

Our comprehensive packaging and contract packing operations enable you to maximise the commercial potential of your data: we offer flexible wrapping, matching and inserting technology plus digital personalised printing that allows for a wide variety of inventive marketing applications.  Our packaging design experts can advise on the innovative use of data as part of a broader packaging specification.

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