Consulting & Project Management

At Breeze, we see ourselves as brand enablers.  We’re more than just supply chain partners or packaging designers, we believe our combined and seamless expertise across mobile phone and SIM packaging and mobile / MVNO industry third party logistics means that we can always bring more to the table than just what is asked for.

The team at Breeze can support and advise you on all aspects of launching a new mobile brand or help to review and update your existing mobile phone or SIM card supply chain processes or product packaging.

For established consumer brands wishing to launch as a MVNO to provide a branded mobile service – we can manage your launch from concept to go live – click here to learn more, or just contact us!

A fresh perspective

For both mobile network operators and virtual network operators, we welcome the opportunity to review the performance of your existing packaging and offer tangible improvements by adding SRP (shelf-ready packaging) and RRP (retail-ready packaging) functionality, renewed branding and functionality, and reducing cost by driving out excess in space or materials use.

Our packaging experts can also advise on setting up or renewing a complete packaging operation, or carry out a time and motion study of your automated packing facility.  We can source materials, accessories and packing equipment, plus retrain your packing team to help decrease product packaging time.

Driving effective results

The Breeze supply chain team can work with you to achieve a cost effective yet high quality outsourced strategy for your non-core business operations – from packing to storage and distribution – to reduce risk, simplify communication and improve efficiency and responsiveness. We can also advise on outsourcing value added operations, such as contract packing and order fulfilment, to improve the performance of your MVNO /MNO supply chain.

We have significant technical expertise and highly experienced staff across all aspects of third party logistics, outsourcing and managing third party suppliers and delivering large scale process change.

Talk to us about undertaking our EIPPA (environmental impacts of product packaging assessment) to ensure your packaging is as green as it could be and satisfies customer, stakeholder or shareholder demands for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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