Branding & Promotion

Part of the Breeze advantage comes from our 75 years+ combined experience in creative print production.  We can design and manufacture original, beautifully designed yet practical POS materials, retail point of purchase displays, retail-ready packaging and printed marketing materials that effectively complement our primary packaging solutions.

For MNOs and MVNOs, we provide a one-stop shop for all of your marketing support materials, ensuring a consistent quality and finish across your packaging and their supporting in-store displays, plus we are able to produce all kinds of inserts, booklets and promotional leaflets to support your sales and marketing activities.

Creative call-to-action

Breeze specialises in custom formats, pop up displays and oversized pieces, creating unusual and engaging bespoke displays for not just retail environments but for any environment where a portable, fast assembly promotional display is required, such as shopping centre promotions.

We are well-versed in branding and possess the commercial acumen needed to make POS display solutions that are eye-catching and impactful enough to engage the all-important impulse buyer and drive sales.

Efficient execution

As experts in cardboard construction, we can also guarantee our promotional displays are robust enough to handle the rigours of storage, distribution and a busy shop floor, and will last as long as your promotion.

We can design a complete display solution optimised for warehouse storage and distribution efficiency and we always ensure that your materials usage is not excessive, that our display solutions have a low weight and create minimal waste: all our promotional solutions are as green and sustainable as possible.

Instore innovation

The Breeze MVNO team are also experts in the design, construction, manufacture and distribution of RRP (retail ready packaging) – meeting diverse commercial requirements from pack size and packing process, information design and positioning, product orientation and configuration through to logistics efficiency and finally, customer experience – driving efficiency without reducing brand impact or recognition.

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